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Collect extended security and support license key info for Windows servers

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It would be beneficial if Discovery is able to discover and report on the license details for systems that have had extended security/support upgrades (ESU) purchased and those new license keys installed. This could be added as license details node for each applicable server.  In the past, we have had W2K3 servers that had extended support purchased.  We currently have a number of W2K8 servers that are having this extended support/security updates purchased and keys installed.  I expect the same will be true for W2K12 and so on in the future.  Since Discovery is our primary source of system information, our software asset team would see value, at minimum, by collecting the below data points in Discovery which they could ingest into their solution from the Discovery REST API for license tracking and reporting.  These would help to track and audit the systems that are still active and incurring the costs for support.

  • License Name
  • Description
  • Partial product key
  • License status

We can create a custom pattern to collect these details but feel it would benefit the solution and other customers more broadly if incorporated into existing TKU/EDP patterns. License details can be captured via the command: cscript //nologo C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs /dlv all


An example ESU license would have name 'Server-ESU-Year1 add-on for...'

Capturing any/all Windows license file details would be an added delighter.


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