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DWP Advanced Survey Results - Reporting them in Smart Reporting

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DWP Advanced (Service Broker)



Reporting on Survey Answers and Ratings



Currently you can only report on given ratings via DWP Catalog itself.

As for answers given to survey questions, these can not be reported at all … here you need to access each single survey reply and check the corresponding tab.


Suggestion / Idea:

Please make the survey rating and answers available to Smart Reporting. This would enable to work with the results of the survey in an useable fashion. This otherwise great feature can not really be put into use without being able to properly report on the given answers (at least in our environment).



The detailed solution could also be a different one, like for example to enhance the reporting options in DWP Advanced itself. The nature of the idea is less to provide an accurate step on how to solve the issue exactly (there are many ways leading to Rome, right). It is more to pinpoint the pain issue. Thank you.





Matthias Federmann Sebastian Maschauer Martin Hammermann Waldemar Rucha Tobias Ziegler Michael Wax Christoph Sommerlik Benedikt Lautenschlager Florian Bieber Abdellah Bennar


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