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SmartIT Live Chat 19.11 Enhancement Requests

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1) Enable Chat Alert in SmartIT for Live Chat -   There is no visual indicator next to the "Live Chat" or any type of indicator outside of Live Chat itself to let agents know there is a chat request/live agent request pending from Chatbot.  The use case is that sometimes the support person may leave the Live Chat screen to do something else and there is no visual indicator to indicate anything Live Chat related has happened unless the support agent is actively looking at the Live Chat screen.  As a result, the agent can miss the chat request, resulting in the end-user cancelling the chat.


2) Allow for INC Tickets to be automatically created in Live Chat when user cancels chat request -  In esChat, the incident is created as soon as the user requests a live agent.  The INC is created even before the Live Agent is able to accept the session.  If the end-user cancels the chat before the agent accepts the chat, then the associated Incident ticket gets cancelled. In Live Chat, the Incident is not automatically created for any of these use-cases.  It is up to the Agent to create the INC or WO if they want.  However, this remove any way for administrators to find out how many 'chat requests' were cancelled by end-users.


Jim Egles


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