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Smart IT - Add Keyboard Shortcut for switching tickets to 'Edit' mode and to 'Save'

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Within Smart IT there is currently no keyboard shortcut to toggle a ticket between 'View' and 'Edit' mode. Users can use 'Tab -> Enter' to select the OOTB edit button, however if the user has already clicked elsewhere within the UX the tabbing will not necessarily be a few key strokes.


Service Agents like to use keyboard shortcuts to speed up their use of the system on a daily basis, therefore tt would be useful for some users to be able to press a keyboard shortcut to toggle the Incident into an 'Edit' mode. This would also provide an additional 'Accessible' shortcut for users who are impaired.


In conjunction with the above, it would also be invaluable to have an accompanying keyboard shortcut to 'Save' the ticket after amendments have been made in 'Edit' mode. For example CTRL+SHIFT+E to edit, CTRL+SHIFT+S to save.



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