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TrueSight TSPS Dashboard: Improve the "Event Count" dashlet

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The "Event Count" dashlet available for dashboards on TSPS console offers you to create a bar or column chart which displays the number of events occured. The dashlet has some serious flaws.


  • The dashlet is bbased on event filtering for Applications, Groups (Device or Monitor) and Devices. The dashlet can therefore only be used for events assosiated with either an application, a group or a device. One of the options must be selected, hence it is not possible to create a "Event Count" dashlet for third-party event sources.
  • The dashlet is bound to the time period for the selected dashboard. This can lead to  a wrong picture of the situation (This affects other dashlets as well. In particular the "Device Performance" dashlet, where the "Device Health" indicator can display green but there is an open critical event which is not in the given time range for the dasboard.)
  • Event groups cannot be used for for the "Event Count" dashlet. Even if the events of interesst can be filtered by the top level filter Application, Group or Device, the "Advanced Filter" musst be redone because Event Groups cannot be used.


The dashlet must be enhanced to be of more distinct use.


  • It should be possible to directly use the "Advanced Filter" bypassing the top level event filter (Application, Groups, Device).
  • It should be possible to leverage existing "Event Groups"
  • There should be a "timeless" option (count all existing events in the system which meet the filter criteria).
  • A nice-to-have option would be, to display the event count as a pie chart.



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