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"Amazon Corretto 11" support for Remedy would fall into ‘unconfirmed configuration’

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By 07/02/2020, Remedy Product Development team analyzed compatibility of "Amazon Corretto 11" with Remedy. Thus, "Amazon Corretto 11" support for Remedy would fall into ‘unconfirmed configuration’.Remedy Product Development team may just work fine on BMC Remedy application but have not validated or certified them (Corretto 11 in this case).

Please see below definition of unconfirmed configuration.
Unconfirmed Configuration
Configurations not listed may still operate correctly with AR System and thus customers may choose to run AR System in a configuration not listed as supported. Such configurations would be considered as “unconfirmed”. BMC Remedy will accept issues reported in unconfirmed configurations but we reserve the right to request customer assistance in problem determination, including recreating the problem on a supported configuration. Reported defects either found to be unique to an unconfirmed configuration or not reproducible within a
supported environment will be addressed at the discretion of BMC Remedy. Defects requiring time and resources beyond commercially reasonable effort may not be addressed.
Please vote for "Amazon Corretto 11" Remedy confirmed configuration to change current status from unconfirmed configuration to confirmed configuration


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