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Execute Remote actions from TSPS for LDAP/multiple users for all events

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Customer Requirement: Remote action execution from TSPS, with multiple users of TSIM/TSPS on multiple Patrol agents machine(having different username on patrol agent machine).


Problem Description:

Customer want single entry inside credential_repository.xml should suffice execution of remote action from multiple TSIM/TSPS user(having common group id) and on multiple PA hosts(having different usernames of PA)

As per current design we support multiple TSIM user by adding single entry of group name of all TSIM user in credential_repository.

and we support multiple host name by adding single domain name of all PAs in credential_repository.

In this way, we are able to run remote action from multiple TSIM/TSPS user on multiple PA machines that too by adding single entry in credential_repository for one PA user.


But now customer has different user name for PA machines depending on OS i.e. for Linux PA machines(e.g.emsmonix) and for windows PA machines(e.g. emsmon).

In this case, we have restriction in current product design where we allow to add entry in credential_repository with unique constraint on user/group and hostname/domainname.

Due to this once we add entry for one group and one domainname for one PA user then we can not add entry for another PA user under same group and domain name.


In this iadmin utility will give error as:

“Credential entry already exist.”

For this iadmin utility we will needs to do enhancement and end to test, because allowing multiple entry under same credentialId and hostname will have further functionality break during remote action execution, as we checked in code it fetches entry from credential_repository.xml using unique keys of CredentialId and hostname.

//search credential repository

credInfo = CredentialRepositoryHandler.getInstance().getCredentialInfo(strIxsUser,

application, instance, hostname,domain, ixsPassword);


Could you please check it and add this functionality in Product As early as possible.


Thanks and Regards,

Anant Kotkar


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