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Component Availability report in Truesight

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Component availability report in Truesight Operations management reporting is an Event based availability report for a device/CI. In report engine the device availability is calculated as per the CI status , So if CRITICAL event hits CI, the CI status turns unavailable for that period. This definition is very inaccurate at present and not precise to what CRITICAL event should start the timer of device in reporting engine marking it unavailable.


Eg : Imagine we are monitoring Windows printer service on a server. We wish to calculate the Component/Device availability of this server for a month. Now if in a month Printer service is down for 5 days and it generated a CRITICAL event in Trueisght, this event affects the CI  status and changes it to unavailable. This status is then sent to Truesight reporting engine, which then starts the timer for device unavailability until that CRITICAL status of the CI is back to available. Thus the component availability report will show the device unavailable for 5 days out of 30 days.
As confirmed with Reporting R&D, reporting receives status change events from cell for a CI, so any status change happens would reflect the same on report engine too. This is out of box behavior of cell since its inception, so this needs to be changed.

Report engine while calculating availability does not check for any particular type of event because whatever it receives from cell as the status it displays the same. Instead, reporting engine should calculate the availability of the device only when a specific type of event is generated, eg : Patrol agent disconnection event.


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