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Active/Active HA Solution for TSOM

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TSOM (both TSPS and TSIM) should have an option for an Active/Active HA Solution


Currently both TSPS and TSIM have an Active/Standby solution: when the Active node becomes available, after a period of time it fails to the Standby. The Standby then has to reconnect to all the components (TSPS: reconnect to TSIM/TSSR/TSCO/TSAPM -- TSIM: reconnect to TSIntegration Services and PatrolAgents). This creates a gap in availability and possibly lost data.


With an Active/Active solution, there would be no outage of TSPS/TSIM, components would not need to reconnect, and gaps in availability/data would be eliminated.

An Active/Active solution would also have other benefits, including additional scalability of TSPS


An excellent model for the Active/Active HA would be a RAC Oracle Database


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