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DWP-Catalog Remedy Connectors - Please add at least all fields in Interface Create Forms

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The standard Remedy connectors to create an incident, a work order or a change request have a very limited list of fields which can be mapped in the "Input Map"



As you can see this list is very limited. Many fields which are available on the Interface_Create forms are not available for mapping.

Example: It is not possible to to map Service or CI, e.g. if an issue is reported for a specific notebook or server.


The same limitation applies to


And even with Service Actions on My Stuff CIs the Recon-ID cannot be provided to the ITSM application.


RFE: Please extend the list of available fields to cover at least all the fields that are documented on their respective Interface_Create doc pages.


Example for Incident:

HPD_IncidentInterface_Create_WS - Documentation for Remedy Service Desk 19.08 - BMC Documentation


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