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Rancher - Kubernetes - Project Level Capacity

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We are currently managing Capacity/Resources at Kubernetes Cluster/Node/Pod level. This is good for infrastructure team. Our Business team wants to manage at Project level because resources are assigned to different teams as Projects in Rancher. Looking for minor tweaks to present the existing data at Project level to better serve our customers and get more value. The Moviri Integrator does pick up the tags as tag_type  "field_cattle_io_projectId"


So, it would be a matter of grouping this tag_type as Rancher Projects. These projects do come as p-xyz (sample: p-xcxcc, p-5p872, p-5rp8f). If we need to make a relationship between Project ID and Project name, then the following data from API provides this info.





"created": "2019-07-03T09:27:02Z",


            "createdTS": 1562146022000,

            "creatorId": "u-563qs437kf",

            "description": "cloudinfra",

            "enableProjectMonitoring": true,

            "id": "c-hzv8z:p-xcxcc",






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