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Support Group access modifications

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This is an issue with large companies that have many operating companies inside Remedy system. If the fundamental idea of visibility is that companies see only data from own company but support persons should still need to be able to work efficiently, there will be problem. With current configuration this is not possible, see the example below:


Company A

-Has support group A1


Company R

-has support group R1


Company X

- Customer submits the ticket from here



Support group configuration for assignments:

-Support group R1 was configured available for assignment for Company A and Company X.




Incident is created from customer at Company X.

Incident is first assigned to Company A and support group A1. (based on auto-assignment rules)



Company A assignee notices that this incident should be reassigned to support group R1.



What happens:

Assigned group menu doesn't show support group R1



What should have happened:

Assignee Group menu has Support group R1 and incident can be assigned for that support group



Additional information:

Company A assignee doesn't have access restriction for Company R or Company X.

If we configure support group R1 available for assignment for Global, it will then show in the menu, but using global company value is not wanted behavior.


Current fix / response from Support is that you need to add access restriction to Company R and also have Support Group assigned to user so that the group will be visible.


How to fix this: In this case the best possible fix would be that support group could be configured to be in only "support mode", so without giving company access restriction support staff could still see only groups across other companies. They would not be able to see all the tickets inside these other companies. They would only be able to reassign tickets that they know should be handled by other support group inside Remedy.


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