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Item selection per page for results in Discovery

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Hi Team,


It would be a nice little feature if we are presented with an option to select all the items within a page & not the entire result itself.


As of now with the latest version of Discovery, we have 3 selection options per page,  ALL, NONE & INVERT.



If I have selected the web page to display just 25 entries / results per page as shown below :



& I want to just select the 25 items from the page however its not possible OOTB. Clicking on ALL button selects all the 22184 entries from the list as shown below. So I have to manually click 25 times to select the 25 entries per page from the entry option selected above 25/50/100/200.



So can we have an additional selection option to just select / checkbox the items displayed per page OR a text box to feed in the exact result count that needs to be selected (e.g. to select 55 items from the result in series).


I used to achieve this feature by using a script that needs to be run in browser provided by Gian-Paul Quinones


var allInputs = document.getElementsByName("nodeSelectCheckbox");

for (var i = 0, max = allInputs.length; i < max; i++){

    if (allInputs[i].type === 'checkbox')




Hope everyone would find this small little addition to the product very helpful.





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