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Add an option to remove Unused Variables & Highlight/Warn about Uninitialized variables in Development Studio

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Hi Team,


It would be an awesome feature/option in Development Studio if we can add 2 more features :


1. To remove the unused variables from the process.


2. Highlight / Warn the developer of a variable which is yet to be initialized in the processes / sub-process.


Starting versions TSO 8.1 and above we noticed that if there are any traces of unused variables in the process workflow would compensate ; also if the variable is getting used somewhere in the workflow (eg. different switch path) but not in the current path followed by the request then also it causes Null Pointer Exception in workflow.


With the addition of this feature it will implement the best practice while developing the automation / workflows & also takes care of the pain introduced due to bad coding at the initial phase itself.


Hope everyone would agree with this idea!





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