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Add Activity Feed as a Console Details Tab button or section

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Please add the ability to access the Activity Feed via the Record Details Tab or more visually informative ways for staff to be alerted of its presence on the Form tab.


Reason: In the Remedyforce Console's Details tab. When using the incident history reply button and clicking Reply All, the from support address is copied to the to field.

Which causes issues when sending messages from the console to the entire thread, because there are two entries for each outbound message. One logging the From and one for the To field. (Not that we would, but if we were to copy the support address to the CC field as well this would cause a 3rd entry)


Through troubleshooting the issue I found that this is not an issue with the Activity Feed's reply all functionality.


Working with BMC Support in Case 00799133 I was informed that this is an expected behavior and is working as intended and I should instruct users to remove the duplicate address when using the legacy reply all or instruct them to use the Activity feed.


We have integrations which are triggered off of incident history events and the duplicate entries present big problems. I have removed the default incident history reply button from the layout. Due to the obscure location of the Activity feed Button, I have added a custom record reply button:


This opens the activity feed on the details tab. It can't be closed by any other means other than reloading the record, which was preferred over opening a separate browser tab.

IF( BMCServiceDesk__FKAction__r.BMCServiceDesk__Abbreviation__c =='EMAILIN' || BMCServiceDesk__FKAction__r.BMCServiceDesk__Abbreviation__c =='EMAILOUT',


IMAGE("/resource/BMCServiceDesk__SDEFStyles/SDEFbuttons/b_reply_to_client_email.png", "Reply"),'_self'), null)


-replace _self with _blank to open in a new tab.


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