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Include midtier Post Installation Instructions steps to filedeployer functionality

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When deploying midtier hotfixes with the filedeployer, the hotfix instructions - at least the ones for MT_1908_20191112_CU_ALL or  MT_1908_20190920_CU_ALL - contain following Post Installation Instructions


  1. Stop the Web Application Server (Tomcat)
  2. Delete the following directories (they will be recreated as needed after startup)
    midtier_install_directory/cachetemp (if exists)
  3. Delete the following viewServerStats directory (it will be recreated as needed after startup
  4. Delete Web Application Server working directory for "arsys" (this will be recreated by the WAS) For example, on Tomcat:
  5. Start the Web Application Server Engine (Tomcat)



These steps cause additional work for administrators and also additional downtime but could easily be implemented in filedeployer functionality, as filedeployer has to stop/start tomcat anyway. The idea would be to implement these steps to filedeployer in some way, maybe as configurable option.


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