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Discover VM-VM and VM-Host Affinity Rules

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We would like BMC to add a capability to discover VM Affinity Rules from VCenter/VSphere discovery. These rules would pertain to the VM->VM, VM->Host, and Cluster/Group. It appears this can be performed definitely via VSphere powercli CLI commands and possibly the VSphere API.


Business Justification
Our corporation operates a large VMWARE based environment with many VMWARE clusters. We have a large number of Microsoft Windows 2008/2008R2 assets for which is going to end of extended support on January 14, 2020. In order to receive Security Updates after this date, there is a substantial license fee to Microsoft. In an effort to significantly reduce this fee, we will be using the VMWARE host affinity feature to lock Windows 2008/2008R2 virtual machines to a subset of hosts within a VMWARE cluster. Our Asset Management team and made it clear that it is imperative to be able to automatically track and report usage of host affinity using BMC Discovery which is the primary discovery tool used for Asset Management. If this cannot be accomplished using BMC Discovery, we will most likely, will turn to other tools for consideration.


Data Usage
The data provided by the discovery tool will be used:
1. To ensure license compliance for above scenario.
2. To drive risk/predicative modeling/reporting for senior leadership.
3. To identify “rogue” machines that not using affinity rule sets.
4. To set affinity settings in Flexera FlexNet Management System (FNMS). This is the tool that our company uses for Software Asset Management.


Data Requirements:
- Cluster Name
- Host Affinity Rule
- Host Group (Hosts that the Affinity Rule applies to)
- Hosts in Host Group
- Serial Number of Hosts in Host Group
  - Virtual Machine Group(Virtual Machines Affinity Rule Applies to)
- Virtual Machine Name in Virtual Machine Group
- Serial Number of Virtual Machine Name in Virtual Machine Group
- Discovery Date


For documentation on these powercli cmdlets and VSphereAPI see below:


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