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Support for more flexible input tables in questionnaires

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Release 19.11 brought table questions as described here:

This is a great start to more complex questions, but really needs a further step to make it really useful.

This mechanism requires that you define explicit entries for all possible combinations - either in the questionnaire of in a Remedy form.

In the example from the Docs, there is a list of VMs that can be ordered with Disk and RAM sizing, e.g.

Windows 2018100GB8GB
Redhat 8.x100GB8GB
Ubuntu 19.10100GB8GB


Each row can be added locally to the questionnaire or as a row in a Remedy form.

A single value is then returned for each entry when one (or more) rows are selected. This means that if you have (for example) 3 OS types, 40 disk size options and 10 memory size options, then you need to create 3 x 40 x 10 = 1200 rows in the question or Remedy form to represent each option and, whilst there is a search, searching for the correct entry is not easy as there will be many entries for each specific RAM or FS size value.

To improve this, it would be better to de-couple each column, so that there is a separate output value for each column and you can provide either a free text input field or a selection from a form entry. This way, in the example above, you would only need 3 + 40 + 10 = 53 rows defined for the lookups (or none if they are all free text).

This would give maximum flexibility.

If others have additional comments or suggestions, please feel free to add them.


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