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PATROL Agent - Default Account with nologin and no password

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The PATROL Agent on Linux/UNIX needs an account to run properly. The account is required to have a password and to be able to login.



The requirements often leads to discussions with the system administrators and it makes the installation process of the PATROL Agent rather difficult. Either a default password for the PATROL Default Account has to be set or a password has to be generated for each installation. However, this means additional effort to be made to make the installation work and involves custom scripting. In case of the generated password, it involves encrypting the password with the Installer and make it available in the install.ctl file. If there is a default password set, it is often seen as a security risk.



As the PATROL Agent does not have the best reputation amonst system administrators, this problem should be adressed asap. The PATROL Agent should be able to run under an account with nologin and no password option. This and leveraging standard installation mechanisms such as RPM and alike would probably help to get a better reputation for the PATROL Agent.


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