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Exclude duplicate IPs from scans when using CIDR ranges

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The "Add a new run" feature already excludes duplicate IP addresses when individual IPs are put into the RANGE window.  I would like to have a checkbox added (checked by default) that says "Remove duplicates" that would cause duplicate IPs to be removed from the run by evaluating the CIDR ranges included in the RANGE window and removing any individual IP that might occur more than once in the run.


Problem:  I was given a list of hundreds of CIDR ranges and individual IPs by another group in my company.  Many of the ranges overlaps.  When Discovery ran it scanned some of the machines several times in that same run.


Requested solution:  Rather than me having to expand each block and remove duplicates I'd like to have the tool do it.  It already knows how many IPs are contained in the list of CIDRs I provided....I just want it to go one step further to expand them and remove duplicates (if my new 'Remove Duplicates' box was checked) .  It is not necessary to show the list of IPs in the RANGE window....leaving the CIDRs there is fine.  The number of IPs should be changed to reflect the number of distinct IPs to be scanned.



By adding the "Remove Duplicate" checkbox to this screen a user could choose whether or not the run should contain only distinct IPs (which I think would be the desired result in nearly every make the checkbox checked by default).  After the expansion of CIDRs is done (behind the scenes) the total number of distinct IPs should be reflected in the Endpoints value shown when the run is submitted.  Might also be nice to pop a message that says how many duplicates were removed....maybe put that info next to the checkbox.


I think this will make runs more efficient and prevent overburdening targets from being scanned multiple times in a run.


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