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Make FootPrints fully translatable

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While FootPrints is multi-lingual, it's design is not fully translatable, which means that FootPrints excels at being in used in any language, but struggles at using multiple languages at the same time.


In order for FootPrints to be used in a language other than English, the following aspects need to be modified:


- Field Names

- Field Values

- Forms and Field Labels

- Email Templates

- Consoles and Saved Searches

- Category Trees (the feature in KB and SP, not the fields you use in IN/SR/PR/CR/etc)

- System Text

- Administrative components (item names, rule/workflow names, descriptions, etc)


FootPrints has translations capabilities for field names, forms, field labels, email templates and system text. The last one via a 3rd party product called Multilizer.


FootPrints does not have translation capabilities for field values, consoles and saved searches, category trees, and administrative components.


For field values, you have two options: Set each value to "Language 1 / Language 2", or have duplicate fields in different languages. Neither option is ideal. The second option looks better but involves so much more work.


For consoles, you have to create duplicate consoles, which then means you need duplicate portals, and duplicate system roles. This is a lot of extra configuration, but also means that because of this, a user cannot change their own language via their Preference, since the other aspect of this is the consoles/portals/system role, and a user cannot change this on their own.


For category trees, you basically have the same options as for field values. Either lang1/lang2, or a second category tree. The additional implication here is that you definitely need a new console at this point.


For admin components.. well there's just no translation here. Your only option is lang1/lang2.


What I would like to see is for FootPrints to be fully translatable. Meaning I can translate any of the following just the same as I can translate a field name, using the 'Language' dropdown:


- Consoles (translating consoles should mean you no longer need to have a duplicate portal and system role)

- Field Values

- Category Trees

- Administrative Components (item/rule/workflow names, item/rule/workflow descriptions)

- Report names (this may be more challenging as Service Analytics is a 3rd party product)


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