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TSCSO Oracle/SQL Dbase Instance Mapping

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Is there a way where TSCO can establish the Oracle / SQL dbase Instance mapping using generic or out of the box ETL? We have tried to create a generic SQL etl to pull the data from TSIM but due to how the TSIM dbase view schema is organized, there is no option or way to establish a relationship like below.


Server Name -> Oracle DB Instance -> Tablespace Name -> % usage / or some other db metrics.


TSIM R&D guys has checked on this already and suggested to submit an IDEA on this.


The only option that they have recommended to us is to leverage Oracle Enterprise Manager since TSCO does have an ETL for this but we don't use OEM here in our environment so the only way for us is to pull the data from our TSIM setup and we need this information to be available for dbase capacity planning. Else there is no way to establish the link of the tablespace to the corresponding DB instance.


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