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Search for critical infrastructure elements of a Business service or Organization.

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Problem Statement :

Lets take business scenario, where head of business or organization would like to know list of critical IT Infrastructure elements that have high impact on the organization.

Example - Businessservice-1 -> Multiple Application Servers->Cluster->Computer Servers(VMs)->Hosted on ESX server

Though the example looks simple, but imagine there are 20K CIs in the service model, then it will be very difficult for any user to identify critical infrastructure elements for Business service.


Idea -

     CMDB should have an UI similar to search, where in user can specify for which Business Service he/she would like find critical Infrastructure elements.

     CMDB should run through graph walk, from business service to all elements in the graph to identify critical elements. Criticality of an element will be identified by its Impact Weight assigned      to its relationships in the order of impacting and can be sorted based on Impact weight as well.


     In the above example Application Servers->Cluster->Computer server-> ESX servers should be listed with impact they have on Business Service or Organization.

     If solution can go step ahead and identify, if there is IT Element for which there is no backup. In the above example ESX server doesn't have back up and suggest possible solution will be      helpful.


     All CMDB users, need your comments and suggestion if this is really useful.


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