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Improve/Automate Dataset Deletion Process

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I recently started working on some CMDB duties, so please forgive my ignorance as a beginner.



As a beginner, I wanted to start by doing some clean-up, which involved deleting unused datasets (no longer used at all, including for reconciliation jobs). I followed the documentation Deleting a dataset - Documentation for BMC CMDB 19.11 - BMC Documentation, and since I didn't want to preserve any CIs in the datasets targeted for deletion, I emptied the datasets with a reconciliation job using the delete option. Then, I deleted the datasets from the BMC.CORE.CONFIG:BMC_Dataset form, as the documentation says.


However, it came to my attention that promoting sandbox changes thereafter failed with a message that one of the deleted datasets does not exist. I found this KA Reconciliation Job error: ARERR[101049] Dataset <1> does not exist and tried the solution there. Still, sandbox promotion failed. After working with support, we discovered there were also two other locations where references to deleted datasets needed to be cleaned up. In total, references to deleted datasets needed to be removed from the following forms:


  • RE:Dataset_MergePrecedence_Assoc
  • Reconciliation Groups
  • RE:Automation:Merge_Rules
  • CMDB:Console (via activating the Reconciliation Manager tab, then looking through the Dataset Merge Precedence Sets)




Implement automation so that when a dataset is deleted, references to the dataset are also cleaned up behind the scenes. This would save valuable time combing through multiple forms to do the maintenance.


At a minimum, the documentation should be enhanced to show which forms dataset references will also need to be deleted from. Or, when deleting a dataset, the user should be presented with a warning which indicates where clean-up will need to take place if automation is not possible.


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