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Multiple email attachment max attach size validation

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>>Add below parameters in






>>Sending email to remedy incoming with multiple attachments which will be less than MaxAttachSize. However this attachments collective size is more than the MaxAttachSize.


As per current design / architecture of remedy if this multiple attachment size is more than 5 MB still email engine processes it.


For example if you send an email with 3 attachment files sizing 3 MB, 3 MB, 4 MB respectively. This email has collective attachment size of 10 MB which is more than limit defined.


Then Email engine processes this records


>>As per BMC current design/architecture  the attachment checks for .emaildaemon.MaxAttachSize and emaildaemon.MaxAttachSizeFileExtensions validates on per row basis.


>>The reason being when you add any attachment to an attachment field , as per BMC current design/architecture , each attachment is considered as a single row and we check/validate each attachment with above parameters configuration and decide whether to process the attachment or not. If this single row with attachment passes validation Email Engine processes this record.


However the requirement here is we should also collectively validate the attachment size for multiple attachment in email engine.


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