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Automation of health check-up report generation

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Problem Statement : In current scenario, health check-up is carried out manually via monitoring over TSPS. We want to automate the process of health monitoring report generation using possible methods which could give the following information as the health status log:

  1. TSIS Connection Status
  2. TSIM Connection Status
  3. Total Connected and Disconnected Agents
  4. Total Critical/Warning alert generated.
  5. Parameter triggering maximum number of events 
  6. Host name giving maximum number of events.
  7. Marked for deletion Agents in past 24 hours/1 week/Month


PS : I have tried the Truesight operation management 11.x health check script provided in the case KA 000173885. It does not provides all the intel that I want. I want a script or process how to fetch the details (in .html is sufficient).


Environment Details:


TrueSight  Presentation Server

TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server

  BMC TrueSight Integration Service 11.3.02 build 241471392


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