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BMC ITDA - log files!!

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I am raising this idea as an idea, because i think there is value here, currently you can use BMC ITDA as part of the TS license, now i would like to see a lot more done through ITDA,

when you install the agent, it should automatically as part of the install work out what sort of server or end point it has been installed and should start monitoring the logs this would be OOTB, example if you installed it on a oracle database server it should work this out and start monitoring the oracle alert log. if you install it on a unix server it should monitor the log files associated with the platform Linux/Solaris etc. all of this key information BMC should already know you only have to look at the patrolagent for the associated areas and it is there! and if it its not then it is easy to find and make part of the install. as system administrators you just want thing to work! id also like to see more coverage with the ITDA content packs, again more can be done here!




So the idea is to add more automation on install for ITDA, would it not be great you install it and BOOM it works and  start to monitor all logs! please vote for this! all this data could thne appear into the Truesight operations manager for use in Probable root cause analysis,


Seth Paskin, TrueSight Operations Mgmt


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