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DWP/Smart IT support of Decision Tree Articles

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My organization is moving to SmartIT/DWP and have started testing depth in these systems. We are on version 18.05. We noticed that the DWP pluggable provider for knowledge articles wasn't working correctly in our development environment and articles were not appearing in superbox searches.  We are a SaaS customer, so we logged a ticket with BMC SaaS support. The analyst corrected the PKE pluggable provider settings so now we have PKE articles flowing from Knowledge ITSM to DWP except for Decision Tree Template articles. We were told that Decision Tree articles are not supported in DWP and SmartIT, and that there was not a definitive plan to fix these features for SmartIT/DWP.


These type of articles can be useful for service desk staff for complex triaging of a system without having to read a lot of notes to arrive at the relevant details.

Similar for an end-user where it can help the triaging of self-service incident and service requests.


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