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View my tickets, status is missing for Service Requests (but exists for Incidents)

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Self service details views are missing a possibility to have Status next to ticket ID (see attachment). Why we have it for Incidents, but not for Service Requests. I consider this as a bug, but here is a idea first to the community.


Please see direct input from customer below. We have received exactly same input from an other customer as well.


Br. Antti



"See attachment for example of how for  Tickets the # and current status is shown in the top whereas for Service Requests the # and SR name is shown. Users are often mistaken as the initial status is shown at the bottom for SRs but they mistakenly read that as the current status as this the only status given currently on the details screen for SRs.


Could we have the SR current status added somehow below the # , preferably keeping the SR name but alternatively removing the SR name to create space in the header for this info similar to how it is for Tickets?"



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