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Smart Reporting - Sync Users with Read License

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I must take up this idea after 2 years simply again and bring in again. At that time it was discussed rather technically, but there are real business scenarios and these should be evaluated.


You can find the old idea and the technical rejection of Peter Adams here: Smart Reporting - Sync Users with Read License




Business case:

- Who usually likes colorful dashboards and evaluations? That's right, managers at every level.

- Who usually has no detailed knowledge about the use of Remedy? Right, manager - the higher, the less.


So it is not harmless for the system to grant a floating license and write permission to a manager who is inexperienced in Remedy just to be able to look at colorful diagrams and evaluations.


We have to protect our system and want to avoid this. All our middle and top managers only have read licenses, so they can look into a ticket if necessary. Possible changes are deliberately left to the professionals.


I know Peter Adams, but this has nothing to do with license optimizations. Also, our managers don't look at ftp servers or want their email inbox spammed. They would very much like to access Smart Reporting and retrieve live information prepared for them.


By the way, these are the managers who also decide about possible purchases and currently can't experience the power of Smart Reporting. That can't really be in your interest.


Please think about it again


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