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Status Transition for Change Management in Smart IT

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We are on the version BMC Helix - Version: 9.1.07



We had a requirement from customer if the Change Request Status is X, then user should not transit to status A and B in Smart IT. We have many use cases based on different Status.


Consider one of the use cases, When CR status is "Implementation In Progress", then user should not move the CR to either "Draft" OR "Request For Change"  OR "Planning In Progress" OR "Pending" OR "Cancelled".


  • Before Changes


Smart IT View



ITSM console


There is one form - SYS:Status Flow Transition Rules where these Change Request status Transition Rules are defined. On this form, we have a option to hide the value from Status menu (instead of disabling any Status Transition Rule) as mentioned below. I have done the changes for Cancelled also. But, for Draft, Request For Change and Planning In Progress, I did not find any OOTB status transition rule on this form.



  • After Changes


Smart IT view






To highlight this issue, I have raised a case with BMC and in which they have mentioned configurations on form SYS:Status Flow Transition Rules are not completely supported by Smart IT.


So, for this they have provided below explanation.


"Implementation of SmartIT’s status transition is rather more complex as compare to Mid-tier.


Midtier uses Status Transition form in Status field and has separate Process Flow bar. However in SmartIT, both “Status Transition” and “Process Flow” are combined in a single menu which is the Status field. This is the reason why you don’t see some forward status when you hide it from the form “SYS:Status Flow Transition Rules”. But you still see the backward status, as these data are pulled from the Process Flow.


I did some research in our internal system and I was able to hide the backward statuses that you don’t want to see like Draft and RFA.




These are hidden from the form  VIS:Status_Stage_Flow  by setting the status “Offline” to some of the process flow for the change process. For example, I had offline the status for Draft and Request for Authorization




This has a major SIDE EFFECT. Now when I create a new change, status directly jump to “Planning in Progress” skipping Draft and Request for Authorization status.


Conclusion here is that SmartIT is designed to combined both Status Transition and Process Flow in a single field which is the Status field.

  • Backward status in Status field are coming from Process Flow.
  • Forward status in Status field are coming from Status Transition form."



So, my idea here is configurations are on the Form - SYS:Status Flow Transition Rules is applicable only for Forward Status in Smart IT that should be extended and also work for backward status as well.


If configurations made on this form is working fine on the Mid-tier console. Then, it should behave in the same manner on Smart IT as well.

If configurations from this form is not achievable, then there should be an alternative from where we can control status transition in Smart IT.



Please share your views on this. And, if this idea looks good for you then you can vote for it. So, BMC can think of it in their future releases


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