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Duplicate. See this idea: ENH v12: a way to set the default address book to an external one.


I searched around to see if I could find this idea already posted, but to my surprise, I could not find another post. This is a major usability pain point in our organization as it is the first thing done on a ticket. It is a clunky process that often results in confusion, tickets get submitted without the customer being linked to the ticket because the submitter thought the lookup failed; they don't realize they need to use the dropdown to select another address book. As a work-around we have put HTML helptext on the form in an attempt to guide submitters on how to perform the lookup in order to get the desired results.


When agents create new tickets the first thing they do is perform a lookup for the contact they are submitting the ticket for, that person is then linked to the ticket.


The first list presented is titled "All Internal Items" - we use this as our partner address book.

If the dropdown is used the submitter can select "External Item" - we use this as our staff address book (LDAP).


We would like the ability to not only change the name that is in the dropdown, but the ability to choose which list is presented first. So in this case, ideally we would be able to change "External Item" to just "Staff Address Book" and it would be the first list presented.


It would be even better if we could merge these two address books together so that the customer doesn't need to use the dropdown. So even though on the back end one of the lists is coming from LDAP and the other is manually populated, the customer would get results from one list without needing to switch.


If only one list can be presented, then another feature could be implemented to auto-select the contact if only one match is returned.


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