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Export / Import Workflow in Digital Workplace Catalog (Service Broker)

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Dear DWPC responsible team,


With all the releases of DWPC (incl. 19.08) it's only possible to export and import complete services.

By the import procedure the following elements always comes together with the service:

  • Workflow and related workflow (attached within call activity step)
  • Questionnaires
  • Service Template
  • Categories
  • Revision History (incl. previous Workflow/Questionaires)


Especially if you need to transfer a particular workflow into another environment, it would be very helpful, to have the opportunitiy to export a workflow (together with questionnaires) independent of a service.

By the import of a workflow a dialog should appear to handle duplicated workflow (overwrite, import with new name) and furthermore to import questionnaires together with the workflow or not.


The benefit of this new functionality would be:

  • Newly built workflow can be easily transferred between different environments (DEV -> TEST -> PROD)
  • Workflow, later used in "Call activity" functions can also be transferred independently.
  • If only the workflow is needed, it's not longer mandatory to delete all the service related elements after the import.


Please also check out this other good DWPC Workflow idea: Workflow versioning in Digital Workplace Catalog





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