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ITDA Log file Monitoring of ITDA Logs

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I just had an issue where ITDA and TSPS would not talk to eachother, once resolved (port issues...) there were still issues persisting with connecting TSPS and ITDA.


After a long phone call with a BMC support agent, it was discovered ITDA had the issue listed in it's logs and it was then fixed (the fix is  story for another day!)


What I don't understand, is why ITDA didn't alert me of this issue? ITDA is there to monitor logs, so why is it not monitoring it's own logs and flashing in the system somewhere - preferably "external confirgurations" to tell me that the issue is something to do with that - or even pin-point the issue and use probable cause analysis in TSPS to suggest to me some BMC docs pages that could be of use?!


Have ITDA monitor itself, tell me what the issue may be and allow me to resolve issues without having to call BMC support all the time!


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