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More testing before new version release

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We found several problems in the latest release 19.08 DWP/DWPC:


  • Navigation issue when clicking on multiple anchors within a knowledge articles
  • Dynamic menus are not correctly refreshed when reference value changes
  • After adding/removing favorites home page is not refreshed correctly
  • Request Again function doesn't show dynamic menus
  • Height of images on Knowledge Articles is always shrank to 700 px
  • html links to anchors in Knowledge Articles not working in IE
  • DWP Actions with trigger "Open Form" are not triggered when "Requested For" is changed
  • Muliselect Menu using output from previous menu in Qualification doesn’t show Select All button
  • Links on "Recent searches" do not work with IE11 (Search in IE11 works in general only with F5 button)
  • Services of SRD imported in DWP Catalog are shown 2 times in DWP
  • DWP Catalog Native Services show hidden questions after submit
  • Link to DWP not working when referrer is a URL with blank space (DWP/RSSO)


Therefore I'm opening this idea and kindly ask BMC to always organize some Beta Testing Program for DWP (and all applications) or invest more into testing before Release.


@Edit (09.10.): It is Important to mention: 7 of the issues are fix/solution already available and shared thru case. 1 tentative ETA shared. The remaining 4 are actively Work In Progress with BMC support or Customer


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