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Defining Custom Qualification for Archival.

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Options are greyed out on overlay mode for Archive & audit.


Steps to reproduce:

>> Login to Developer studio.
>> Make sure the we have logged in as "Best Practice Customization mode".
>> Open any form like(HPD:Help Desk , SRM:Request) ,create a overlay
>> Create Overlay and view overlay.
>> Open the form and navigate to Definitions tab.
>> Expand other Definition and create change the Overlay type to Overwrite.

>> Not able to modify the archival qualification .

Here in 9.x we do not have that feature .


Expected Result:

After changing the Archive option to Overwrite we should be able to change the qualification.


Pros of implementing this feature :

Many customer have customization on the forms & they want archiving on the basis of custom fields.

>> Now with the OOTB functionality we are limiting the functionality of customization.

>>If customer customize the archiving from overlay mode that will help them preserving customization on archival feature.


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