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Web Scraping or similar technique in TrueSight Orchestrator (TSO)

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In this technology era, information technology, which became an integral part of every organisation, has its footprints in various tools and technologies. So do with TrueSight Orchestrator(TSO), which is an automation and integration tool, has a various capacity which goes well with API calls and CLI's.


On the other hand, technology savants always look towards the technology which has an extraordinary ability to handle the modern-day challenges. The current capability of TSO allows an organisation to overcome several hurdles. Nevertheless, TSO, a product with amazing features, should be added with a technique similar to "Web Scraping". Adding this will add extra thrust to the product.


To summarise, I strongly emphasise that it would be great to have a technique similar to "Web Scraping" along with TSO's existing capability.



Hariharan Devaraj


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