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Dirty tricks in CMDB: Immediate copy CI with one filter

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Here´s a solution I´m always using when I need an immediate copy of an object and I don´t want to wait for ReconEngine or other mechnanisms.


The idea is to modify a value that will never be changed in normal life (business), e.g. InstanceID of a CI in Attrium CMDB.

The process is triggered by pushing a "new" InstanceID to the current record (top level of CMDB Class). Recognizing the change, pushing the current data to the new entry (in another Dataset) and reverting the change by fetching the current data from the DB.

I´ve not seen a similar solution so far, so I think it´s worth to share this idea

Have Fun!


Filter: MAT:CI:Copy`!

Primary Form: BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem

Associated Form(s): BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem






Execute On



$InstanceId$ != ‘DB.InstanceId’

Error Handler






If Actions ( 2 )

Push Fields Action:

                From Server : @

                From Form : BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem

                Push If :

                If no request match : Create a new request

                If any requests match : Take no action

                Push To Fields With Matching Ids


Set Fields Action:

                From Server : @

                From Form : BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem

                Set If : ’Request ID’ = $Request ID$

                If no request match : Display ‘No Match’ Error

                If multiple requests match : Use first matching request

                Set To Fields With Matching Ids


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