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DWP Advanced - Collaboration on service requests - Enhancements

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  • L0 Support is organized on hundreds of assistance groups
    • The agents working in these groups aren’t technical (they don’t participate in the resolution of any request).
    • The agents usually belong to one assistance groups although sometimes they could belong to more than one
    • An assistance group can have from few agents to hundreds of agents
  • When an end user contacts an L0 assistance group, the agent uses DWPA to raise a service request



  • Agents should be able to collaborate on any service request created by the members of their assistance group. A preliminary analysis shows that the out of the box functionality “Collaboration on service requests” could be used to fulfill this requirement. However, due to the particular characteristics of their assistance groups, it is unfeasible to relay on agents to individually administer the collaborator groups they belong to. Additionally, once a new agent is added to a assistance group it should be granted permissions to manage all requests previously registered by the members of that group.



  • Allow administrators to define collaborator groups and manage their users in an efficient and centralized way.
  • Allow agents to manage requests already registered by the members of its groups.


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