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DWP : Request for Approval : Need Field Requested For ID

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This is about the feature required from Approvers stand point.


Usecase :

In our organization we have many users with similar first name and last name. For DWP , internally everything works based on remedy login id, however when it comes to end user view, it tends not to show anything about the login id. While approving the requests in DWP, one should be 100% sure about who is the requested for person. Also the people who are involved with approving the requests are usually the ones who would like to complete the tasks as optimally as possible.


Current Challenge in DWP :

Below is the Approval Screen snapshot from DWP. You can see, DWP shows the First Name , Last Name and email of the user. However, as mentioned earlier,  in our organization there are multiple users with same first name and last name which makes identifying the requested for a nearly difficult task.



Enhancement Required in DWP for end users's & Approvers screen :

  1. Requested By field in above screen should be renamed with Requested By Name
  2. Request For field in above screen should be renamed with Requested For Name
  3. Very Important : There should be new field available as Requested For Login ID in the request details view of requested By/Requested For as well as in the Approvers view which will make Requested For's user identification easy


What we already know :

One might be tempted to say that catalog admin should create a field as 'Requested For Login ID' and using DWP 1908 feature of populating default value as 'login id' would sort out the problem. However we already have 500-600+ services which need to be changed if we go by this, as well as , as a overhead , one need to create this field every time one creates services ( and, technology is all about reducing the human efforts right?)




Sanket Mhatre


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