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Adding New user to RSSO Group - User not available via search tab

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Adding a user to a specific group in RSSO - While searching the user in the available user list, user is not is not visible. unless we scroll and refresh the entire user list. In a nutshell -during assignment process the view on the AdminUI cannot search on the not loaded users.


BMC Provided solution as below :

1. when trying to assign newly created user to the group you see the list in the left box with all unassigned users to that group

2. But this is not ALL users, but just the first 50 users. There are much more of them. The UI has to load ALL before you can use search effectively.

3. Scroll down the list to the end (you may see how the users are loading during this procedure).

4. Then you will find your newly created user.

5. Now you can use search


Proposed solution

UI need to be enhanced so that even without manually scrolling and refreshing the list , we should be able to search the required user from the "search tab of - available user"


If not implemented

if this is not taken care, then in a environment with mass number of users can face quite delay in adding the user with above steps - tedious way to perform any activity.


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