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Multilizer Language Translation package to include all default supported languages

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Recently, I've started to develop a new language pack for FootPrints using the multilizer tool and procedures from BMC (see here: Creating a custom language - Documentation for FootPrints 20.19.01 - BMC Documentation )


In my case, I am trying to create a Canadian French language, since some of the translations on the OOTB France French are either incorrect (yes.. I should submit a defect..), but also, some terminology between France and Canada are different.


In comes the problem.


I'd like to start my translation project by using the France French as my starting point, and editing only what I need. Well, this cannot be done. The starting point is English.


When you download the Multilizer project files from BMC, you get these files:


The highlighted file - the M7P file - is the primary file used in translation and is a glorified XML file. Within it, it contains the parameters of the translation package for the Multilizer tool to use, but it also contains all the translations themselves... In English only. You then have to add your own language (per the BMC documentation linked above), and create your own translations, which essentially edits this M7P file with that data.


For instance, see this file comparison of the OOTB M7P file (for FP 20.19.01) and the same M7P file after I did a translation:


Since BMC officially supports 5 languages OOTB, I think it would make sense for all 5 languages to exist OOTB in the Multilizer project file. At the moment, I assume BMC is having to maintain those 5 files separately and only shares the English file.


Anyone looking to make changes to the OOTB language on any of these languages (except English) is in the same boat I am.


Doing this could also yield the ability for FootPrints to support more OOTB languages with the help of it's partner network providing updates to languages at each release and having those incorporated into the master M7P project file.


Then, having the ability to create a new language, based on the existing language, would be amazing. Instead of having to spend.. probably close to 2 weeks here.. doing the translation of almost 7000 items!


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