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Convert Change Requests to Broadcast and display broadcast on SS3.0 & Console

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For any user, be it client or staff, to know about scheduled changes they have to open 'Change Schedule' (on Console) or Service Health (on SS3.0). Both of these require more then one step for an user to perform. If we convert any 'Change Request' to Broadcast then without any additional steps users will be able to see scheduled changes. To provide more control we can have a flag on the CR Form to convert a particular CR to Broadcast. Also we can have a rule that CRs which are planned in the current week those only will be displayed as broadcast to other users.

For Example:

  • If a server is going to be down for upgrade during this week, user with CM permissions will create a CR with proper start and end date
  • CM will check the checkbox to convert this CR to Broadcast
  • Save the CR form.
  • Now when Client will login to SS3.0 the broadcast will be displayed with CR description
  • If any user login to Remedyforce Console the broadcast will be displayed with CR description


Another flavor of this idea can be to display a pop up when user logs in to console or SS3.0, this pop up will display the CRs planned during current week.


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