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OSD - Add option to use Devices Serial Number as "Host Name"

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Currently when deploying to a PXE Menu or Subnet the only option is to use the method for using some name + 001 (numbers increase as more devices are deployed). Example:



This creates a REAL problem as the GUID will be based on this "Name" when the agent is installed and will require admin intervention to "Merge" devices to keep the FAM data from the original imaged device (only a problem if devices get reimaged or agent gets reinstalled [new GUID]).


Why can't there be an option to use the devices Serial Number as the host name vs. the method used above?  Many customers are moving to the Serial Number as the unique device name throughout the ENTIRE life cycle as this will remain a constant 99.9% of the time. BCM already uses a WMI query to get the "Model" for Drivers, it would not be that hard to use the WMI query to get the serial number.


Classic customer use case...

  • Customer orders 500 desktops from hardware vendor such as CDW (CDW buys from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.
    • CDW sends customer all the specific information about these devices including Serial Number once shipped from Manufacturer.
  • CDW will stock those 500 devices and will IMAGE those desktops prior to drop shipping them to final site location.
    • CDW uses the Serial Number as the Host Name typically
    • CDW will send customer the information (Serial Number/Host Name) that ship to remote sites.
  • Agent is installed as part of the imaging process but cannot "Register" with master until received and powered up at WAN location
  • Customer now has those devices registered in BCM and KNOWS devices is ready to use
  • Customer will always know How many ordered, how many remain at CDW, how many have been delivered (Sit Rep)
  • Customer needs to Reimage device using BCM - Record will be the same in BCM as GUID remains the same
  • Customer needs to Reinstall the agent - Record will be the same in BCM as GUID remains the same
  • Customer DOES NOT use CDW but receives hardware directly from manufacture and uses BCM to image both NEW and USED devices (GUID remains the same and records are not duplicated but a single record exists thus eliminating the requirement for "Merging Records")


My customers are using Serial Number to track devices from Cradle to Grave and by providing this option to OSD you will be saving countless hours of ensuring BCM admins do not need to do additional work needlessly.


If BCM admins read this "Idea" and would benefit from this change and enhancement to OSD, then please vote up and feel free to comment below as to how this would save you from "customizing" the current unattend files.


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