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REF:IN in body causes Email processing NULL error

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Remedyforce uses the syntax (Ref:IN:########) to append updates to an existing record.


If a user removes the "(" and ")" from the reference in the body/subject, the expectation is that it will create a new ticket.


Subject:  Broken thing

Body:  The thing in ticket "Ref:IN:########" broke again.


The issue is that this does not create a new ticket as expected OR update the existing ticket. Instead it errors out.


As an admin testing the issue:

Original email:

Subject: Test

Body:  Test Ref:IN:00082601


I receive an Email processing error notification email, stating:


The following error occurred in processing the email from



I reported this to BMC (Case 00749563) and, "got  a response from the Remedyforce Development Team. They have confirm this is working per design.

There is a note on the official documentation regarding this:


Do not use the Ref:IN keyword in the subject or body of the email message with which you want to create an incident."





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