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DWPA Questions and Answers JSON formatter

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DWP currently has a context variable to capture the questions and answers from a service request.  While we can extract questions (labels) and answers (values or displayvalues) within DWP workflow we have to specify each set ie xxxxx.output.inputs[0].label for first question, xxxxx.output.inputs[0].value for answer.  To add a carriage return we need to specify STRIPHTML("<BR>").  While this provides us a little more flexibility it still becomes a complex and time consuming job when there are a number of questions / conditional questions that need to be mapped into the Description field of a Work Order for instance. 


If a customer has BAO it is possible to develop a transformation to pass the JSON through and return a formated response, meaning we only need to map one (the returned data) to the description of the Work Order to get all the questions (labels) and answers (values) that the user has selected.  This saves an enourmous amount of time in creating new complex services using Remedy as fulfilment system.


There should be a default way within DWP to achieve this for customers who have DWP and Remedy without the need for BAO.  Manually having to map questions and answers should only be required if you need to include some custom information / text.


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