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Asset Look up or Open Asset Status for Customer values

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Is there any plans to add custom look-ups to the asset object?  We track an asset in its life cycle and really need the ability to have a custom lookup on Asset.  We are on 2019 R2.  We realized that the Asset Status is limited it seems like it was in the works to be designed and only 2 values in the table.  It would super helpful to either finish this functionality or allow for a couple lookup on the Asset object.  As an example here is our values we want to add however we do not have a way to do this currently.  We are trying to get away from a spread sheet.

Asset Status is a locked down object there is a More option however, you cannot add more..


Example of what we need for Asset Status


Identified for replacement

Contacted User for replace




Awaiting user action to return

Returned to X Location

Returned to Y Location

Returned to Z Location

Decommissioned in X Location

Decommissioned in Y Location

Decommissioned in Z Location

Shipped to Dell

Return Accepted by Dell




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