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Centralized Landing console for all BMC Products

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Hi All,

BMC should start thinking about making a centralized landing console for all their BMC Products the reason why I have raised this concern is when you check the installation procedure for Midtier, Smart IT, DWP, RSSO, Smart Reporting, ADDM, Truesight, Control-M, .. so on. All these modules are installed separately in different server with different tomcat instance. My point over here why can't we can make a centralized console for all our BMC Products like the SHR:Landing Console for all ITSM related modules.


We have to build a landing console where I can subscribe the product and viola the page gets opened, if you think via end user perspective we have to navigate multiple pages and multiple tabs which is very tedious job, though the breadcrumb feature is there but it has to be enhanced further more like I should have the leverage to have make a restore point or there should be some bookmark feature to be introduce.


Also why can't we include the basic features which is there in the SDE (Service Desk Express) like all the modules in the same pages rather than opening in different tabs (though this is available it is not utilize properly like  (I opened the AR System Administration Console and clicked on the Server Information then it should open in the same page rather than a new tab gets open also closing the page should point the home page).


All the functionality which are mentioned above is the basic web site procedures which are need to taken care, I believe our experts can do the same.





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