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Selectable Support Group Visibility by ITSM Module

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I have seen many customers creating Support Groups simply to cater for Approvals, or for Process purposes which relate only to a specific ITSM module (i.e. Incident or Change) - the visibility of these Support Groups outside of the required context can cause confusion and also the Support Group list to grow unnecessarily.


For example - a Support Group is created called "Knowledge Management Global Approvers" to contain users with an Approval Functional Role for Knowledge Management articles - the group is only to to facilitate the Approval Mapping and no assignment of ITSM records to this group should be possible, but currently there is no way to hide such a group without customisation.


I would like to see a panel such as this (taken from the Operational Categorisation admin screen) added to the form "CTM:Support Group" which would allow the administrator to enable/disable the visibility of Support Groups within all ITSM modules (Knowledge Management would need adding as an option, it is not included in this screenshot).




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