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Patch Management - Clean Up Orphaned folders (Jobs and Groups)

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Many times customer will assign patch jobs or patch deployments to devices and then assign another and another and unassign devices from previous jobs or groups or worse, delete those jobs or groups without unassignning first.  This causes those folders based on ID of the various jobs or groups to remain on the end points.  This is especially bad for customers using VDI where Gigs of data remain in these folders.  By default, after the second reboot of an "active" job or deployment will clean up and remove the folder that contains these patch source files (exe, msp, msi, etc.).


It would be helpful if BCM could clean up without requirement the BCM Admin to manually remove these files using any number of methods.  I just assisted a customer to create an Op Rule with the "Delete Directory" Step (requires customer to own "Deployment" modules). Problem with this process is customer must research the ID folders that remain.  Below is a screen shot of the folder structure of various folders that have been orphaned as this device is only assigned to a single patch job.


Here is the Path used to delete the orphaned jobs:




Here is the Step used:


Notice that we used a "Relative Path" vs. a Full Path.  This will ensure that any device that has the agent installed on another drive such as relays will still be able to delete these files. 


*Note: all relative pathing in BCM starts from the "bin" folder as that is where MTXAGENT.exe lives.


Not all customers have deployment to be able to run this step so if something built in to BCM can clean up these large, drive consuming folders can be purged would be great!



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